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Security Systems Installer Ideal Qualifications and Certifications

security systems installer

If you are interested in pursuing a career installing security systems, it is essential that you have the right qualifications. You will need to provide evidence that you have the knowledge and experience to work with complex systems and setups. Here are some of the qualifications that may be applicable.

Qualifications You Can Explore To Become A Security Systems Installer

There are a range of different qualifications that you can explore to ensure that you are certified to install security systems. Many of these qualifications are only accessible if you already have a job in security installations.


One of the best ways to enter the field of security installations is through an apprenticeship. Operating as an apprentice will allow you to learn the appropriate skills while building towards a qualification that is nationally recognised. You can start working as an apprentice when you are 16 and your rate of pay will increase as you age.

Third Party Qualifications

You can also explore a variety of qualifications available from third parties. Many of these also require you to have the right level of experience before you get started. BTEC diplomas as well as online qualifications are two options that can be worth exploring.

City & Guilds Qualification

A City & Guilds Qualification can be obtained from various colleges across the UK. It’s worth noting that many of these stipulate the necessity of experience and basic knowledge for security systems. This is something that you will gain while operating as an apprentice. As such, it’s common for this qualification to be integrated into the apprenticeship schemes available.

The qualification required to install security systems is a Certificate in Knowledge of Emergency Security and Emergency Systems. It is essential for anyone who wants to work with security systems including but not limited to CCTV.

There are three different levels of this certification. Level 2 is suitable for individuals who already work as an engineer and want to expand their knowledge in areas such as intruder alarm systems and CCTV.

Level 3 is suitable for those with a wealth of experience and requires a qualification related to electrical principles, access control systems and CCTV.

A New Occupational Qualification Structure

Recently, the Fire, Emergency and Security Systems (FESS) industry has launched a fresh occupational qualification structure for electrotechnical card recognition. The new structure is designed to promote high standards as well as skills. Developed by leading trade associations the pathway ensures that the experience of those already in the industry are recognised while ensuring that there is a minimum requirement for those who install security systems.

CTP Qualification

CTP qualifications provide opportunities for ex-service people to explore a career in security systems installations. This is ideal for ex members of the military who are now keen to pursue a civilian career.

We hope this helps you understand some of the key qualifications that you should pursue if you are interested in a career installing security systems.

If you’re equipped with the necessary qualifications and are eager to start your career in this dynamic field, take a look at our security system job vacancies to find a role that suits your skills and ambitions.


Tony Holbrey

Tony Holbrey

With a keen eye for talent and a deep understanding of the Fire & Security and Water industries, Tony serves as a Recruitment Consultant at Red Kite Fire & Security. His role involves identifying and providing skilled professionals who can meet the dynamic and challenging needs of these critical sectors. Follow Tony on Linkedin.


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