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Solving the Skills Shortages in the Fire and Security Industry

Fire and Security IndustryThe importance of this industry cannot be underestimated given it has been reported that its worth to the UK economy is approximately £8.6 billion. This is not surprising given there is estimated 1.3 million homes in the UK with no working smoke alarm and over half a million businesses that do not have appropriate fire safety measures in place.

What is the nature of the fire and security skills shortages?

The nature of the fire and security skills shortages in 2022 is that there are not enough people with the necessary skills to fill all of the available positions such as fire alarm technicians, sprinkler engineers, design engineers and many more. This is a problem because it means that companies are not able to find the people they need to keep their businesses running smoothly and safely, hence the very important role Red Kite Fire & Security recruitment play to help businesses fill vacancies such as fire alarm engineers and many more.

There are a number of reasons for this skills shortage. One reason is that the fire and security industry is a relatively new industry compared to others so there are not as many people with the necessary skills. Secondly, the industry as a whole has not necessarily promoted itself as an obvious career choice to young people.

How long has the fire and security skills shortage been a problem?

The fire and security skills shortage has been a problem for many years. In addition to high profile disasters such as Grenfell, the number of fires and security incidents has been increasing whilst the number of qualified fire and security professionals has been decreasing. This shortage has been exacerbated by the retirement of experienced fire and security professionals, and the lack of training and experience of new recruits. The fire and security industry is facing a critical skills shortage that threatens its ability to protect people and property.

Who is responsible for the fire and security skills shortages?

The skills shortages in fire and security are due to a number of factors. The first is the lack of investment in training and development in these industries. This has led to a lack of qualified and experienced individuals to fill roles in these industries. The second factor is the increasing demand for these services, which has outstripped the supply of qualified individuals.

What can be done to fix the Issue?

As already mentioned, the industry itself can help itself my better promoting Fire and Security as real career choice to school, college and university leavers. Secondly, more employers need to offer training and part time study at local colleges whilst being paying employees on the job. Third, a better job could be done to advertise the wide range of job roles which follows on from the first point. Lastly, it is noticeable that salaries have been increasing in recent years which will undoubtedly help attract more people into this important industry.


Tony Holbrey

Tony Holbrey

With a keen eye for talent and a deep understanding of the Fire & Security and Water industries, Tony serves as a Recruitment Consultant at Red Kite Fire & Security. His role involves identifying and providing skilled professionals who can meet the dynamic and challenging needs of these critical sectors. Follow Tony on Linkedin.


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